The “Stallo Lungo” Commercial and residential complex

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Our company has enjoyed a long-term cooperation with an established construction design firm, constantly searching for design solutions that improve quality of life. This is achieved by setting a standard based on the use of advanced innovative materials capable of assuring optimal comfort, with a focus on human empathy with the home.

The “the comfortable home project” develops bio-compatible systems that respect nature as much as possible and sustain the implementation of dwellings built in compliance with bio-architecture principles.

These objectives that we have achieved through careful and thorough design practise allow us to reduce the cost of managing and maintaining the buildings, thus ensuring their efficiency and state of good repair over time.

Our aim is always to look ahead, to embrace and anticipate the future, making ourselves ready for the emerging challenges in the property markets, from both construction and regulatory perspectives.

Our team is prepared to meet your needs, finding the right balance between what we can offer you with respect to your requirements, providing you with all the collaboration, professionalism and helpfulness that have distinguished our service over the years.


The “Stallo Lungo” residential and commercial complex was designed to implement a comprehensive structural solution and will be built in the historic centre of Comun Nuovo, in a peaceful and quiet area undisturbed by traffic and well-served by the most important primary services.

The design concept features a courtyard building inspired by the period farmsteads typical of the Bergamo rural hinterland. A classic architectural style recovers and preserves a number of archetypal elements that blend well with its urban setting.

It should be noted that the description of the project contained in this document is intended as an outline only, with the sole purpose of identifying and establishing the essential elements.

In all cases, the choice of materials and their use in the construction site, as well as the employed construction techniques and the distribution of the internal spaces, will respect the indications and provisions of the Works Supervisors and the competent authorities.

The building is distributed on 2 floors above ground and two third-floor attics as well as a basement floor with garages and cellars. The relevant spatial organisation is detailed as follows:

  • Basement floor: 30 Garages and 30 Cellars, in addition to the common areas;
  • Ground Floor: Two Three-room Apartments, Four Shops and a central heating plant;
  • First Floor: 16 Apartments, of which one is a Four-room Apartment with 12 Three-room Apartments and three Two-room Apartments;
  • Second Floor: Two Four-room penthouse apartments;

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