The technical department team comprises skilled resources with all the relevant professional qualifications necessary for the regular development of construction design work essential for contracted construction works and their relevant procurement requirements. The team develops all design stages, starting from the feasibility study through to the executive design which, depending on the needs of the final client, may or may not proceed to a construction phase. The internal team may be assisted both by experts for certain specialist activities and by engineering firms. Numerous turnkey projects have been delivered, starting from feasibility studies received in the tender phase, consultancy contracts, studies and projects undertaken by third parties.

We also collaborate closely with the technical experts of renowned plant engineering companies and with specialist developers of innovative solutions dedicated to particular critical technical issues. In such cases, it is customary for the executive design to be repeatedly followed by structural or component tests, both to validate their dimensional soundness and to render their implementation more efficient. To support these activities, we have set up collaborations with well-known national test laboratories so that tests may also be conducted at proprietary facilities, with reliable availability and the capability to host elements of significant size.