Plant engineering and major works


We are leaders in the design, construction and maintenance of extra high voltage electric power transmission and distribution lines, both in Italy and abroad.

For the Italian market, we are among the few contractors qualified by TERNA Rete Italia S.p.A. to work on overhead power lines up to a maximum voltage of 380 kV, while abroad we are currently present in France and Norway for the public operators RTE and STATNETT through the subsidiary Consorzio Italia 2000.

We are also active in the field of the design and construction of underground cable lines, also for international interconnections in direct current (500 kV cc).


Overhead power lines

Overhead power lines
132 – 150 – 220 – 380 kV

Cables laid in the tunnel

Cable power lines

Power lines in buried cable
132 – 150 – 220 – 380 kV alternating current
320 – 500 kV direct current



We have built several uphill transport systems, including cableways.

The images here illustrate the ENEL cableway in Val Gerola (province of Sondrio), a single-cable system with 2 cabins.

With the assistance of a trusted technical expert, we designed the new Enel service cableway which connects the Gerola hydroelectric plant and the Trona upper dam with the plant’s reservoir basin …