MON.ITA – Italy Montenegro interconnection

2015-2018 (in corso)
Cable power lines

Engineering and execution of works for electrical power interconnection between Italy and Montenegro known as “MON-ITA”.
The work will make possible the use of energy from Renewable Energy Sources located from the Balkans as well as ensuring greater efficiency and greater security of energy supply due to improved power flow distribution among the various border regions.

The electrical interconnection will be implemented by laying two pole lines (P1 and P2): the Montenegro inland section will extend for approximately 5.5 km from the land/sea interface located at the Blato Conversion Station on the Ponta headland (Jaz), at Lastva Grbaljska in the municipality of Kotor.
The Italian inland route section extends for a length of approximately 16 km from the Cepagatti power to the land/sea interface located on the Pescara coast.


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